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Shawn Pettit for Town Council

Merrillville - Ward 6

Keeping the Momentum in Merrillville Going


Infrastructure Improvements:

  • Widening Mississippi Street (101st to US 30)

  • Randolph Street resurfacing

  • Colorado Street resurfacing

  • Harms Road resurfacing

  • Old Lincoln Hwy resurfacing

  • 93rd Ave resurfacing (Grand Blvd to County Line Rd)

  • 97th Ave resurfacing (Randolph to Grand Blvd)

  • Auburn Hills Subdivision resurfacing

  • Chapel Manor Subdivision resurfacing

Economic Development:

  • Amazon Fulfillment (Ameriplex at Crossroads; 300 jobs)

  • Midwest Truck and Auto Parts (Ameriplex at Crossroads; 133 jobs)

  • Domino's Supply Chain Center (Ameriplex at Crossroads; 150 jobs)

  • Big Lots Furniture Distribution Center (Ameriplex at Crossroads; 48 jobs)

  • Polycon Industries 8919 Colorado St (180 jobs)

  • Modern Forge of Indiana 8757 Colorado St (243 jobs)

  • Mielle Organics, 8707 Louisiana St (retained minority owned business; 96 jobs)

Coming soon:

  • First 1 million square foot industrial building in Lake County at the new Silos at Sanders Farm Industrial Park 

  • The Town's first ever Dog Park for our fury friends

  • The Liberty Estates residential development with 1,000 new homesteads for new Merrillville residents

Merrillville is Attracting Many Great Companies offering hundreds of jobs to our residents and the entire region while providing tax dollars to our community.


Amazon Distribution Center                                 Lamar Outdoor Advertising                         Dominos Supply Chain                                  Midwest Truck & Auto Parts

Endorsements & Testimonials

Thank you to the following Unions for your endorsement and to the following community leaders for their kind words. 

building trades.jpg
"As the Midwest Regional Partner for Crow Holdings Development, I interact with the full gamut of planning staff, zoning commissions, town and city councils, village boards, interested residents, etc. in many cities/towns across the region and in other states. 
While most have been supportive of our projects, some have not (and that’s okay) so long as the message remains consistent throughout the entitlement process. Wavering (or masked) indications of support lead to a significant waste of time, money, and resources for all involved and can lead to completely avoidable confusion and frustration for residents.
From the time Crow Holdings arrived in Merrillville in the Summer of 2020, the Rick Bella-led Town Council, and Shawn Pettit-led Redevelopment Commission has been straightforward, efficient, supportive, and above all else transparent with its intended actions related to our Class A warehouse development projects in the AmeriPlex at the Crossroads business park and now at our 195-acre Silos at Sanders Farm business park. As our relationship with the Town has grown considerably over the last 3 years, we have been treated with the utmost respect by all members of the Town government and understand clearly that our integrity and reputation for delivering on our promises enables the entire process to run smoothly. I have no doubt that this Town Council will act in the best interests of the Town of Merrillville and its residents should we or anyone else ever go against our word."

- From all of us at Crow Holdings, thank you for all of  your continued support! 

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