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This week I was very honored to learn that the Merrillville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 168 endorsed a slate of Town Council candidates for the upcoming Primary election on May 2, 2023. The slate included: 

Richard Hardaway - Ward 2

Jeff Minchuk - Ward 3

Rick Bella - Ward 5

Shawn Pettit - Ward 6

Keesha Hardaway - Ward 7


All of the candidates listed, except for one are current Town Council members. Keesha Hardaway is not an incumbent candidate. All are running as Democrats and seeking their party's nomination to serve on the Town Council. 

In a letter from FOP President Ian Davidson-Dugan, the brotherhood said, "We want to express our excitement to continue building on the positive relationship the Lodge and the current Councilmen mentioned above. We believe this continued relationship with the addition of Miss Hardaway, will continue to grow the police department and the community in new and creative ways. Best of luck to these candidates on May 2nd. 

Below is the actual letter from the FOP President. 

It is an honor to be endorsed by the FOP and shows great respect for the council members listed and the FOP membership. We have worked hard to increase benefits and pay for our police officers and will continue to look for new ways to fund police department needs. Just having the willingness to sit at the same table and discuss ideas to make the department better for our officers is rewarding. Negotiations went smoothly this year, and the council recently signed a new 3-year contract with the FOP setting salary increases and other benefits that were presented to the council. Working together is what makes it work. Thank you to the FOP for their trust in my leadership. I look forward to many years of cooperation. 

-Shawn Pettit - Ward 6 Town Council Representative 

Providing FACTS!
Learn about your election choices by reviewing my record. Please let me know if you need any other information to make an educated choice for your representative. My ONLY agenda is to continue Merrillville's positive momentum. Please review my campaign literature here in case you have not received my mailings or meet me at your door. Thank you. 

Please review my Campaign Literature below.

I'll be handing out this piece of literature when I knock on your door. I look forward to meeting you soon. 

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