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Upon re-election to the Merrillville Town Council as your Ward 6 representative, I am committed to the following 4-year platform:

My Commitment
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • We have accomoplished more in the past 3 years than ever imagined. This topic is front and center now and I promise to embrace the Town’s diverse population by expanding the membership of the Diversity Committee of the Town Council to include citizen membership from a variety of ethnic groups and continue our enlightenment of this important topic. This needs to be an ongoing issue, not just a few workshops. We will never be done. Education is key, and we will continue to grow as a community.

  • Continue Economic Development efforts through the entire Town that will create high paying job opportunities for Merrillville residents and our region as a whole. 

  • Coordinate development of both the Radisson Property (US30 & I65) as well as the remainder of the Century Mall property located at US30 and Broadway to fill vacant land and attract opportunities in these prime town locations. 

  • Champion the completion of the Ameriplex at the Crossroads business park and the new Silos at Sanders Farm industrial parks.

  • Promote fiscal responsibility while exploring innovative financing mechanisms for the Town. Merrillville is a strong financial position and I will continue to keep a balanced budget and live within our planned expenses keeping property taxes affordable. Taxes have NOT gone up for Merrillville homeowners. 

  • Development of a new Comprehensive Master Plan for progressive growth of the Town for the next decade by implementing a new land use plan and zoning ordinance maps so we build the right developments located in the correct parts of town for organized growth into our town's future. 

  • Establish a funding source and development of an animal shelter or shelter partnership program and first-ever dog park for our town’s four-legged friends. 

  • Continue infrastructure improvements throughout Ward 6. We have made great strides in road repairs. I will continue these efforts.  

  • Support our FOP and Police Department Administration by continuing to work together, provide the best equipment, and training for our police officers. Keeping our town safe for our residents and visitors has always been my priority and I will continue that practice. 

  • Create and implement modifications to the hotel/motel tax (innkeepers' tax) to fund much needed public safety in the town. 

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